Tronbet / ANTE Token Residual Income Trading Strategy | Tron Bet Income Strategy | Tronbet is one of the most popular gambling DAPPs, currently running on the Tron blockchain, and in this video I’m going to teach you two different strategies you can use to both earn a residual income and make a significant trading profit with Tron Bet and it’s native ANTE token, which is a Tron blockchain based TRC-20 token.

This is an expansion strategy that you can use on top of your daily airdrop earnings you are getting by leveraging Tron’s DPOS based voting system with Tron Power… don’t know what that all means, and not doing it yet? Then you simply need to watch my last training video where I show you how to start earning TRX residually / passively, step by step… and don’t worry, it’s easy! Learn how to do it with Tron Wallet Me:

In this video you will also learn about the Decentralized Exchange / DEX DAPPs that are available on the Tron Wallet Me mobile app, Tron Trade and TRX Market.

Just getting started and still confused about cryptocurrency? Invest in your financial education by checking out my FREE Crypto Mini Course using the following link:


Tron Bet

Tronbet Blockchain Casino

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